Grégoire Vecchioni




As founding member of the Van Kuijk quartet Greg has toured the wolds and most beautiful stages out there for five years. Today he is a member of the National Opera Orchstra of Paris.


His goal: Take over the wold.


His quirks: Gres is good at anyhing he touches and will not let go ! Seriously, never! He will geek around until he found just the right thing for you.


Anna Lafontaine




After a carrier as classical soprano which took her all over Europe for ten years, Anna completely changed her professional univers and turned her passion for graphic design into her every day occupation.


Her goal: turning every visual creation into a small stage where the identity of her clients is put in the best light possible.


Her quirks: Anna speaks five laguages (and not greek, alright! five useful laguages...) and her intuition for the visula identity of someone is spot on!